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Preparing for the 2023 Iowa Legislative Session Advocacy: Webinar

Thank you to everyone that attended our webinar, “Preparing for the 2023 Iowa Legislative Session Advocacy Webinar: Essential for Ensuring Nutritional Access, Equity, & Security for all Iowans.” If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recording, link below.

Below you’ll find the presentation slides, video recording, and recommended resources to support you in your advocacy efforts.

If you are a CDR credentialed practitioner, you are eligible to receive 1.0 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) units for having viewed this webinar live or recorded. To access your certificate, please fill out a brief evaluation survey, and you will receive a confirmation message with a link to the Certificate of Attendance form.

Even if you are not eligible to receive CPE credits, we invite you to fill out a brief evaluation survey for the event. Your feedback will help us to improve future content and events.

Attached Below:

We appreciate your time and attention! Please feel free to reach out with any questions:

Take care,

Iowa Academy Public Policy Team

Kaitlyn Scheuermann, Public Policy Coordinator

Catherine (Cat) Rudolph, State Policy Representative

Susie Roberts, Consumer Protection Coordinator

Kristy Carr, State Regulatory Specialist

1.20.23_ Preparing for the 2023 Iowa Legislative Session Webinar
Download PDF • 18.69MB

Academy Grassroots Advocacy Guidebook
Download PDF • 8.01MB

IAND 2023 Leave Behind
Download PDF • 589KB

Storytelling for Advocacy-How to Tell Your Story
Download PDF • 5.44MB

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