Email Contact List

President - presidenteatrightiowa@gmail.com

President Elect - presidentelecteatrightiowa@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer - secretaryeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Annual Meeting Chair - meetingeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Nomination Committee - nominationeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Marketing Chair - marketingeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Public Policy Chair - policyeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Delegate - delegateeatrightiowa@gmail.com

Awards, Scholarships & Grants - awardseatrightiowa@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor - editoreatrightiowa@gmail.com

Jody Gatewood


Doris Montgomery


Jessica Schroeder

Membership Co Chairs

Kallen Anderson

Nominating Com. Chair Elect

Anita Turczynski


Susie Roberts

Consumer Protection Liaison

Sarah Jerome


Tonya Krueger

MCH Council

Suzy Wilson

Iowa Nutrition Network

Position Open

Bulletin Editor

Alison St Germain

President Elect

Alyson Fendrick

Marketing Co Chair

Mridul Datta


Ann Parker

Nominating Com. Member

Lexie Stoneking

Public Policy Coordinator

Casey Johnson

Reimbursement Representative

Paige Halsted

AND Foundation

Laurie Kroymann

U of Iowa Liaison

Kaitlyn Scheuermann

School Nutrition of Iowa

Monica Lursen

Executive Director

Jen Ransom

Past President 

Emily Ring

Marketing Co Chair

Nicole Tramp

CPI Elect

Laura Croteau

Meeting Chair Elect

Tracey Sauke

State Policy Representative

Rachel Sweeney


Alison St Germain

Allied Health Org. Liaison

Theresa Jones

ISU Student Representative

Ann Parker

ISU Extension Service

Maren Wolff

Secretary / Treasurer

Amy Cordingley

Meeting Chair

Tanya Hargrave Klein

Nominating Com. Chair

Cara Recker

Membership Co Chairs

Kristy Carr

State Regulatory Specialist

Kris Wood

Iowa WIC Coord. Liaison

Deborah Edwards

Health Care Comm. Chair

Anne Oldham

ISU Liaison

Katie Kruger

Advisory Panel IAND Rep.




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