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Support for HF 2375- Iowa Dietitian Licensure Compact

Updated: Feb 29

Support for HF 2375- Iowa Dietitian Licensure Compact

We are thrilled to share that the Dietitian Licensure Compact has been introduced in the Iowa State Legislature, HF 2375, marking an opportunity for significant advancement in our profession! For more details and a comprehensive understanding of the compact’s implications, please visit:

Dietitian Licensure Compact Benefits for Practitioners:

  • Facilitates mobility for licensees

  • Expands employment opportunities

  • Eases the burden of applying for and maintaining multiple licenses

  • Supports relocating military spouses and families

  • Improves access to and continuity of care

Dietitian Licensure Compact Benefits for the State of Iowa:

  • Reduces administrative burden

  • Creates a compact information system that supports the facilitation of licensure and discipline information for dietitians

  • Expands cooperation among state licensure boards on investigations and disputes

  • Allows regulators to retain jurisdiction over licensees practicing in their state

  • Promotes workforce development and strengthens labor markets

  • Expands consumer access to highly qualified practitioners

  • Enhances public safety through a shared interstate data system of licensure and disciplinary information, allowing for rapid verification of licensure status and cooperation among states

  • Preserves state sovereignty

Please join us in our advocacy efforts by contacting your state representative and asking him/her to support HF 2375, the Dietitian Licensure Compact. Attached is a template letter and 2-page compact handout that can be used when contacting your representative. If you need assistance finding your representative, you can do that here.

Additionally, we want to thank everyone who has engaged in advocacy around maintaining the Board of Dietetics and the Iowa Academy policy team continues to monitor this closely. Your support for the compact helps ensure success for maintaining the Board of Dietetics.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guidance on engaging in these advocacy efforts.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to expanding access to qualified nutrition care and advancing our profession.

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Email advocacy template_Iowa Dietitian Licensure Compact
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