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Scholarships and Member Career Enrichment Grants 2021


Do you know someone you think deserves to be nominated for an award or scholarship?

IAND Student Scholarships Up to three scholarships will be awarded at $600 each. Scholarship applications are due by Friday, April 30, 2021


Could you benefit from additional funds to advance your professional practice?

IAND Member Career Enrichment Grant

​The Member Career Enrichment Grant (formerly known as the Continuing Education Activities Scholarship) are funds eligible to Iowa Academy members who are RD/RDN’s or DTR/NDTR’s to advance their professional practice.

These funds can be used to support items such as CEU activities and events, educational conferences, certification exams, research, publishing, educational tools, and other opportunities.

MCEG dollar amount has increased to $600 per applicant. No more than $1800 in grants will be distributed in any given year. An individual can receive a Member Career Enrichment Grant once every five years.


Apply Now!!!



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