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Outpatient Dietitian - Roots Nutrition Counseling & More

Posted Date: 04/22/24

Roots Nutrition Counseling & More

Mason City, Iowa

Full Time


  • Conduct nutrition assessments Accurately calculate energy needs and provide macronutrient breakdowns on an individual basis.

  • Formulate therapeutic diets based on medical and physical conditions. Collect full weight, nutrition, medical history.

  • Critically think through patient situations to help find evidence based solutions to the most prominent health concerns.

  • Effectively document patient visits in EHR.

  • Counseling patients in a one-on-one and group setting Deliver information in an appropriate, approachable way that echoes the company mission.

  • Coordinate class times, schedule, and reschedule sessions.

  • Formulate recipes and meal plans for patients Utilize resources to calculate macronutrient breakdown of recipes.

  • Think creatively while staying on brand with recipe, meal, and class ideas.

  • Skills & competencies Critical thinking skills to be creative in situations that are not black and white.

  • Time management skills to track hours, take proper breaks, etc. Serve Safe Certified.

  • Proficient in Google documents, sheets, presentations, etc. Public speaking abilities.

  • Passionate about great service, nutrition, whole food, and customer service. Ability to be a team player at all times.

  • Prioritize items and to do’s on highest to lowest priority.

  • Read and understand recipes and proper conversions.


  • Licensed and registered dietitian in the state of Iowa. Completed Masters Program in addition to accredited internship.

Contact info:

Email resume to Jenn Pope at


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