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House of Delegate - Pediatric Nutrition DPG

Hello Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Members:

On April 27, the Pediatric Nutrition DPG held a Pop-in where field experts helped troubleshoot problems related to the infant formula shortage, share resources, and network. The audio recording of the April event is posted to the PNPG homepage at PNPG's open access website page has further information and resources regarding infant/pediatric formulas. This information and more resources are posted to eatrightPRO.

A variety of additional resources are also available through the Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual (PNCM) and the Pediatric Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group. While both resources require subscription or membership for ongoing access, the Academy does offer a 4-day free trial to the PNCM which allows access to the Client Education/Diets, Calculators, Formulary, Comparison Tool, and Resources. Anyone can sign up by visiting and clicking on "Start Your Free 4-Day Trial" to complete the online forms. Academy members can learn more about the benefits of joining PNPG by visiting as well as access a sample Infant Formula Table for download.

More resources available to support RDNs and NDTRs include the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) Substitutions for Recalled Formulas Table, information on USDA WIC formula recall waiver, and Abbott's latest statement on the recall.

This information is posted in eatrightPRO. A graphic is posted on the and landing pages that links to resources for consumers to learn more information.

Alyson Fendrick Iowa House of Delegate Representative



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