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Updated: Feb 29

On February 12th, 2024, a bill (SSB 3172, now SF 2385) was introduced that would eliminate dietetics licensure and the Iowa Board of Dietetics.

This bill would negatively impact: 

  • Public protection against harmful nutrition care by unqualified nutrition practitioners

  • The ability of dietitians to lawfully practice medical nutrition therapy in Iowa

  • Access to nutrition care - licensure enables health insurers to identify and credential qualified providers

  • Ability for Iowa registered dietitians to participate in the Dietitian Licensure Compact, which would streamline dietitians’ ability to provide nutrition care across state lines 

It is time for all dietitians and dietetics students in Iowa to act NOW to advocate against the removal of the Board of Dietetics and dietetics licensure.

Please take a few minutes to:

Advocacy resources to support your efforts: 

  • Email template 

  • Iowa Dietetics Licensure handout

  • Talking Points to Retain the Board of Dietetics 

Legislators do not want to hear from us as an organization. They want to hear from you as their constituent. Your voice is much more powerful than our own. We encourage you to reach out to your legislator and educate them on what registered dietitians do and the importance of dietetics licensure.

Even if you do not provide MNT, your colleagues do!

We need to stand together with dietitians in healthcare, as well as other healthcare professionals to prevent the elimination of dietetics licensure and our Board. We need you to share your story as a dietitian and show legislators the need for credentialed AND licensed professionals in Iowa.


Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Policy Team:  Cat Rudolph, Kaitlyn Scheuermann, and Tina Bauermeister

Iowa Dietetics Licensure Handout
Download PDF • 1.10MB

Talking Points to Retain the Board of Dietetics
Download PDF • 1.06MB



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