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ACTION ALERT: Protect Access to Double Up Food Bucks and Snap

Iowa Action Alert!

Proposed legislation affecting Double-Up Food Bucks is being reviewed right now at the State Capitol! Action could happen any day on these bills, especially SF 494, so share your concerns with your legislators!

HF 613 and SF 494: an Act relating to public assistance program integrity, including SNAP benefits.

What it means for Iowans:

● New language is being proposed for the Iowa SNAP program to implement a restriction on candy and non-sugar-free soda purchases. In other words, ‘eligible SNAP foods’ will not include candy and non-sugar-free soda. While some may agree nutritionally with this…

● …Over 60% of SNAP participants report that affordability of healthy foods is a barrier to achieving a healthy diet. Further, people with a reduced sense of taste due to aging or cancer may rely on sweet/salty treats to get pleasure from eating and prevent malnutrition.

● …AND, in these proposed bills, the funding for a $1 million (state of Iowa) appropriation for Double-Up Food Bucks (DUFB), is contingent upon the USDA granting Iowa a waiver to restrict SNAP purchases of soda and candy.

o DUFB is a SNAP-incentive program that matches food assistance

dollars 1:1 on purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables at 94 participating farmers markets and grocery stores.


▪ In 2022, 61,734 food insecure Iowans used DUFB to access free fruits and vegetables.

▪ Since its creation in 2016:

DUFB has seen over $4.3 million in fresh f/v redeemed.

$852,558 of that money was redeemed at Iowa farmers markets.

325,684 Iowans have benefited!

Getting a waiver from USDA is very unlikely. Maine tried it in 2015 (under Obama administration) and 2018 (Trump administration) and was denied.

Action Requested:

● Add your name to this petition.

● Contact your legislator(s) (here), and ask them to remove the contingency language for Double-Up funding or vote ‘No’ altogether. The bill is also likely to create further barriers to SNAP eligible Iowans through further eligibility paperwork and asset testing.

o HERE is a letter template you can send to your legislators.

● Have a story about the impact of SNAP and/or DUFB? Tell us about it:

● Share this update with your coworkers, colleagues, friends, and family.

● Questions: email the Iowa Academy public policy team at;

For additional information, click here.


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