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Action Alert: Board of Dietetics and Dietetics Licensure Defense

In September 2023, the Iowa Governor's Boards and Commissions Review Committee report recommended eliminating the Board of Dietetics. This action also opens up the risk for the elimination of dietetics licensure in Iowa. 

Dietetics licensure and the Board of Dietetics are important for a variety of reasons: 

  • Protection of the public against harmful nutrition care by unqualified nutrition practitioners

  • Eligibility for dietitians to get reimbursed by insurance payors for nutrition care 

  • Ability for Iowa registered dietitians to participate in an interstate licensure compact that streamlines their ability to provide nutrition care across state lines 

The Iowa Academy Public Policy team strongly encourages all dietitians and dietetics students in Iowa to act NOW to advocate against the removal of the Board of Dietetics and dietetics licensure. We have gathered a variety of resources to assist you in these efforts, including: 

  • Handout for Legislators on Iowa Dietetics Licensure 

  • Email template to write to your legislator 

  • Talking points to answer FAQs from legislators 

  • Overview information about Iowa Dietetics Licensure 

  • Petition for RDs/dietetics students to sign:  

  • Petition to send to allied individuals and organizations to sign:  

Legislators do not want to hear from us as an organization. They want to hear from you as their constituent. Your voice is much more powerful than our own. We encourage you to reach out to your legislator and educate them on what registered dietitians do and the importance of dietetics licensure. Request that they vote against any proposals to eliminate our licensure during the 2024 legislative session.

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