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2021 Student Scholarship Winners

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Awards Committee is excited to highlight the 2020 Student Scholarship winners, Amelia Atwood, Anna Lauterbach, and Sierra Weldon. IAND Student Scholarships ​Up to three scholarships will be awarded at $600 each. ​​ Scholarship Criteria: ● Scholastic Achievement ● Demonstrated leadership skills ● Personal characteristics ● Letters of reference


Amelia Attwood

Amelia graduated from Iowa State University and will start her Dietetic Internship at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay in September 2021. She plans to pursue a career in an environment that facilitates client education in food preparation and eventually start her own private practice of nutrition counseling. Amelia plans to continue to give back by volunteering regularly at food banks in her community. She plans to use the scholarship to pursue opportunities within her dietetic internship to partner with the community, empower the nutrition choices of others and commit to a lifetime of learning.


Anna Lauterbach Anna graduated from Iowa State University and will start her Dietetic Internship at the University of Virginia Health System in September 2021. She has a particular interest in inborn errors of metabolism and is interested in working with the pediatric population but is also open to working with adults too. She also hopes to be a preceptor sharing her knowledge and continuing to contribute to the future of dietetics.


Sierra Weldon Sierra is a senior at Iowa State University. Her plans include continuing her schooling in a future education model graduate program after receiving her BS degree to earn her master’s degree in an MNT or clinical nutrition-focused program. Her current interests include intuitive eating, clinical care, eating disorder recovery, ethical consumption, special diets, and weight- inclusive nutrition education. She looks forward to continuing her education at the graduate level, and network globally with other registered dietitians and members within the nutrition and healthcare community!


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