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Here Piggy Piggy Or Sooie!

Yes there are so many ways to call a pig. Maybe you prefer only to call it bacon. Pigs offer a wide variety of meat cuts that can fill many different flavors as well as key nutrients for health. Let's explore the protein within the pig.

Nutrition facts

A 3 ounce portion of pork provides 54% of Thiamin, 37% of Vitamin B6, 37% of Niacin and 20% of Phosphorus needs for the day according to Iowa Pork Association. Thiamin is used to help breakdown carbohydrates from the foods we eat so that the nutrients can be absorbed. Vitamin B6 converts food into energy, help with brain development in children, promotes brain function in adults and helps in development of hemoglobin the protein in blood to carry oxygen. Niacin activates over 200 enzymes to regulate fat and carbohydrate digestion, improves heart health and used to lower cholesterol. Phosphorous is key to the development and maintenance of skeletal tissues like teeth and bones. Information from Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism.

Cooking Temps…It Can be Pink!

In May of 2011 (I know 8 years ago, but it is hard to make a change) the USDA Food Safety Inspection Services stated that pork is safe to be cooked to a temp of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that it is measure by a temperature probe (food thermometer) in the center of the meat to 145 degrees. That is then followed by a rest of 3 minutes. If it is ground pork is should be cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees. So that means that you can't go by the look of the meat and pork cooked until it is white will be over cooked, dry and downright tough to chew.

Let's Eat

Looking for great recipes that highlight pork with flavors from around the worlds…Yes Please! Here is the Klopfenstein Family favorite, Pork Stir-Fry. This our base recipe and then changed up based on what veggies we have in the house. A frozen bag of stir-fry works great too. Want more ideas? Check out Pork Recipe Videos,

To Your Health, M. Elise Klopfenstein RD LD CDE, Clinical Dietitian.

Elise is the mother of three growing young boys and works full time at Henry County Health Center in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. She is proud to be an Iowa Native while doing all of her education out of the state. She is the wife of a teacher and an Iowa farmer with Klopfenstein Farms.



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