Shopper Revolution:  What’s In Our Carts and On Our Minds

Presenter: Katherine Allmandinger, Associate Manager, Strategic Insight, Nielsen-Growth and Strategy

Session Description:
It’s no secret that consumers are focused on health and wellness when purchasing products across the store. As a result, products like natural foods, local foods, homeopathic remedies, functional beverages and plant-based household cleaners are growing. But health and wellness is not a one size fits all! So how can you better understand the health-focused consumer? This session will leverage our innovative and unique tools to give you a deeper understanding of how different ingredients, attributes and claims are unlocking growth in this highly competitive marketplace. We will share our knowledge on how to better support shoppers in different life stages and with different needs. In addition, you’ll hear examples of how the retail space is shifting, and consumers are engaged with different methods of obtaining food and goods to meet their health and wellness needs.

Level 2 l Learning Needs Code 1070, 9010 9020 –  # of CEU’s approved = 1

Shopper Revolution:  What’s In Our Carts and On Our Minds


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