Shifting Perspectives:  Embracing a Non-Diet Approach to Care

Shifting Perspectives:  Embracing a Non-Diet Approach to Care

Presenter: Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD

Session Description:
For anyone with clients who have BMIs that fall outside of the “normal” range, it’s safe to assume that, at some point, they’ve probably been advised to lose weight to either improve health or reduce risk for future health conditions. The problem is, the weight-focused approach to care isn’t actually helpful for producing weight loss in the vast majority of people, and the pursuit of weight loss can actually contribute to worsened health. This session will introduce an alternative approach, the non-diet approach, to helping clients achieve improved health outcomes and make positive and sustainable changes to eating behaviors. It will address why a focus on weight loss doesn’t work, provide evidence to support the use of a non-diet approach, and include a discussion of specific mindful and intuitive eating strategies RDs can use to help guide their client toward a more balanced and peaceful relationship with food, as well as movement and their bodies.

Level 2 l Learning Needs Codes 5200, 5370, 6010 –  # of CEU’s approved = 1

Shifting Perspectives:  Embracing a Non-Diet Approach to Care





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