Collegiate Sports Nutrition:  The Real, Trials, and Triumph
Presenter: Nicole White, MBA, RD, CSSD, LDN

Session Description:
This presentation is intended to provide a general, yet real look at what sports nutrition looks like in a division I collegiate setting. This presentation hopes to provide insight into real hands on experiences and how to better navigate the world of sports nutrition. It is also intended to give a glimpse into what we are doing at the University of Iowa Sports Nutrition and some of the trials and triumphs of starting a new D1 sports nutrition program. The realm of eating disorders (ED) in the collegiate setting and how ED can be approached will also be addressed. The overall goal of this presentation is to provide a real look into how sports nutrition principles can be applicable and what they look like when utilized in a collegiate setting.

Level 3 l Learning Needs Codes 4060, 1010, 5200 –  # of CEU’s approved = 1

Collegiate Sports Nutrition:  The Real, Trials, and Triumph


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