Applications of the New FDA Added Sugar Guidelines

Applications of the New FDA Added Sugar Guidelines

Presenter: Jim Painter, PhD, RD

Session Description:
Since the 1960s sugar has been associated with many chronic diseases, however, it was so overshadowed by the demonization of fat, nutrition education has not prioritized reducing added sugars... until today. Now with reports of the sugar industry having quietly funded Harvard research in the ‘60s to shift blame from sugar onto fat as the cause of chronic disease, the momentum for the case to find long-term alternatives to added sugar is only gaining. With the FDA’s requirement to list added sugar on the nutrition facts panel taking effect July 2018, Dr. Painter will address how dietitians can be on the verge of being the key to help consumers and companies understand the implications of this new addition to the food label. Unlike the low fat fad, this trend is likely to last and have far reaching impacts on the food industry because the trifecta of modern science, consumer perception, and government guidelines all agree that added sugar is a major contributor to chronic diseases.

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Applications of the New FDA Added Sugar Guidelines





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