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2020 Annual Meeting Webinars

All 7 Webinar Sessions from the 2020 Annual Meeting.

Save $25!!!


  1. No…Before Yes The Debilitating Power of Perfection and Getting Out of Your Own Way
  2. ​Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition: Where are We at?
  3. ​Simplified Diet Manual – Let’s Plan the Meal! 
  4. ​One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Transforming Health to Achieve Excellence
  5. ​Believing Children are Our Future: Serving Equity & Impartiality with Child Meals
  6. Advance Your Communication Skills through Podcasting
  7. ​What’s the New “Normal” in Our Quest for Food? Creating the Future from Lessons Learned


2020 Annual Meeting Webinars

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