Workplace Wellness Program

The program will be about the main four components of self-care (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in regards to victim service advocacy (i.e. - vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout). I'm hoping to have all these components covered via presentations or activities from community partnerships. I'm also hoping that the presentations will be able to happen once a week during the lunch hour on Thursdays throughout the month of February.

For example, during the first week of February on Thursday and during the the lunch hour, a therapist or a life coach will speak about "emotional well-being and stress management". Then the other three weeks would follow suit with other self-care topics.

Here are the weeks' topics:

  • emotional well-being and stress management (or mindfulness)

  • culinary medicine: basic nutrition

  • active living: physical activity and functional fitness

  • sleep health

Here are a couple of extra notes as well: community partnerships will not only allow my coworkers to identify people in the community whom they can go to but their clients (survivors) can go to as well. Then people in the community who work with survivors know who to refer survivors to for resources, services and support.

Here are the available dates and times of the program

02/06, 02/13, 02/20 and 02/27 from 12-1pm.

You would only need to present on one day from 12-1pm.


Name: Lauren Myers(



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