What is the Simplified Diet Manual?

The twelfth edition of the Simplified Diet Manual marks 63 years of its publication by the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In 1953 Nina Kagarice Bigsby, the dietary consultant to small hospitals and nursing homes for the Iowa State Department of Health, began a survey of diets that were being prescribed by physicians in Iowa. A trial manual was compiled, used for several months in ten Iowa hospitals, and evaluated by a special committee of the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; then a manuscript was prepared for publication.

Hospitals and long-term care facilities in every state and many foreign countries now use the Simplified Diet Manual. The Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics receives the royalties from its publication and uses them for the organization’s mission: “Empower members to be Iowa’s food and nutrition leaders.”

Through the twelve editions, many thoughtful, practical, and insightful Iowa dietitians have contributed their expertise, ideas, and experience to keep the Simplified Diet Manual up to date while retaining its straightforward and uncomplicated style. It also contains study guide questions for students!

The twelfth edition was edited by Paula Watkins, RD, LD, CDE. It reflects the comments and recommendations of Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members and other users of this manual. These suggestions led to the revisions and additions that make this edition as comprehensive and useful as possible, consistent with current advances in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

The twelfth edition was endorsed by the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Publications Committee, Monica Lursen, RDN, LD, CLF, Chair; the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board, Anne Cundiff, RD, LD, FAND, President; Iowa Dietetics in Health Care Communities, Renee Greiner, RD, LD, Chair; Barbara Thomsen CDM, CFPP.

State Spokesperson and Past-President, Iowa Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals.

RD (registered dietitian) and RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) are both approved credentials by The Commission on Dietetic Registration. Dietitians may choose to use either credential. To reduce

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