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SDM Exciting news!

Exciting news!

Work on the 13th Edition of the Simplified Diet Manual is underway! While we have several contributors, we need more! We want you! 

What does a contributor do? A contributor researches, updates & revises his/her assigned chapter or section. We provide instructions & the most recent chapter or section (from the 12th Edition) to work from. Names of contributors will appear in the book! 

What's the timeline? A general timeline follows.

Contract signed by Oct 1st, 2019 Literature review completed and submitted by January 27th, 2020. The first draft due by April 1st, 2020

Which chapters and/or sections(-) still need contributors? Our needs follow:  

Chapter 2 Nutrition for the Life Span

-Nutrition Guidelines for Pregnancy and Lactation

-Recommendations for Feeding Normal Infants

-Nutrition Guidelines for Children

-Meeting Nutritional Needs of Older Adults

Chapter 3 Consistency Altered Diets (IDDSI - new chapter)

Chapter 4 Liquid Diets and Modifications

-Clear Liquids & Full Liquids 

Chapter 5 Diets for Weight Management

-Weight Management Diet

Chapter 7 Fat Modified Diets

-Low Fat Diet

-Heart Healthy Diet 

Chapter 10 Fiber Modified Diets

-High Fiber Diet

-Low Fiber Diet

Chapter 11 Food Allergies and Intolerances

-Lactose Restricted Diet

-Fructose Malabsorption/Low FODMAP Diet

Chapter 12 Other Modified Diets 

-High Nutrient Diet

-Small Portions Diet

-Guidelines for Vitamin K and Prothrombin Time 

-Guidelines for Peptic Ulcer, GERD and Hiatal Hernia

Chapter 13 Dining Assistance/Special Needs

-Finger Food Diet

-Guidelines for Individuals with Dementia

Interested?  Please send us your name, email, phone number & chapter or section of interest/specialty as soon as possible. If you have questions or wish to discuss, give us a call! We look forward to working with you!


Tina & Chris (co-editors of the 13th Edition of the Simplified Diet Manual) 

Tina Bauermeister: 712-330-6713 or dietitiantina@gmail.com

Chris Jacobson: 641-750-4515 or chrisrakejake@gmail.com