Public Policy & Advocacy Update October 2020

When providing services, the registered and licensed dietetics practitioner adheres to the core values of: customer focus, integrity, innovation, social responsibility, and diversity. Public Policy does this within

the framework of legislation impacting each of us every day - from the safety of the water we drink, the quality of air we breathe, to the expectation of protection from harm when receiving healthcare services.

To ensure our voices are heard at the state legislative level, Iowa Academy has partnered with LS2group, a government relations firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. LS2group was founded as a public affairs firm, utilizing the heavy campaign experience and political strategy of its principles. Over time - and out of the changing needs of clients - LS2group’s services have grown into public relations, government affairs, crisis communications, project management, international counsel, marketing, and also social media. LS2group staff, as well as office locations, have also grown to over 50 employees and now incorporate strategic partners throughout the Midwest, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. The scope of their work ranges from local to international projects in a wide span of sectors which include agriculture, energy, healthcare, education, and automotive.

We are excited to work with Brittany Lumley, the Managing Director of Government Affairs, in furthering our goals and defending our profession at the Iowa statehouse. Ms. Lumley has been lobbying with LS2group for three years and has a history working in public policy - specifically with the Iowa Legislature. Prior to joining LS2group, she worked as a research attorney for the Iowa House of Representatives Majority Caucus Staff where she addressed a range of issues, business-focused legislation on healthcare, and additional budget work in-between her regular duties. She maintains her attorney licenses and has good standing in both Iowa and Missouri.

Resumé aside, Brittany is personally passionate about health and the nutrition industry. She understands the value of a healthy diet and fitness mindset and shared: “In today’s political world, the focus tends to be on health insurance, pre-existing conditions, and awful diseases that tend to culminate into expensive healthcare disasters. However, I believe it is important to focus on prevention and starting a healthy lifestyle early - truly emphasizing that food is a medicine, and services addressing diets have just as much of an impact on a person’s overall health. I understand the impact of a healthy diet, and I believe lives can be changed for the better with the proper guidance and education from registered dietitians.”

We are looking forward to this exciting new partnership. Your Public Policy team is ramping up our grassroots advocacy efforts, in preparation for the 2021 Legislative Session and beyond.

Please contact Susie Roberts, at with any questions or comments.

Susie Roberts, RDN LD Consumer Protection Liaison


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