Patient is looking for an RDN with very specific skills.

A 27 year old female, residing in Ankeny, needs an RD!

Her email is; her phone is 515-777-6215

(she did give me permission to include her contact information)

Note: she is willing to travel.

Note #2: I have already given her information on Iowa River Landing services. Here is what she is looking for:

• RD/RDN that accepts Medicaid. She is with Amerigroup.

• She has an autoimmune condition, as well as several other conditions, including:

  • Paralysis of stomach (usually eats baby food)

  • Duodenitis

  • GERD

  • SBO overgrowth

  • Hernias o Eating disorder

• Allergic to grains, dairy, beans

• Expert with the Autoimmune Paleo Diet


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