NEWSLETTER - March 2018

Who doesn’t love the month of March?!

Living in the Midwest, this month has always marked a small victory… it means we’ve made it through the coldest months of the year!

Maybe you’ve kept your resolutions you set at the beginning of the year and maybe not. Or maybe you’re wanting to try something different from what you said you would initially. Let March give you that push to a new start. What better way to March in the right direction than by ‘putting our best fork forward?’ This theme was chosen by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics last year and we want to continue through this year.

There isn’t one diet that will suit everyone, but it is important to add as much of a healthy variety into your meals that your lifestyle will allow. For those on-the- run, keep portable, non-spill foods handy. Foods like fruit, canned tuna, or peanut butter on whole wheat. If you’re an athlete, fuel up with nutritious foods like low-fat milk, lean cuts of meat, and fruit. For you students, make sure to avoid processed and high sugar foods.

This is especially important when spending long hours studying. Your body is much more likely to opt for a nap or be subject to distractions with this way of eating. Instead, choose proteins like chicken, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Parents, save time by making extra and then freezing to last the week. Foods like sauces, pasta, rice, meat, and fruits and veggies all freeze very well. And speaking of fruits and veggies, a great way to eat healthy this month AND honor St. Patrick’s Day is to GO GREEN. Try the Go Green Challenge by challenging yourself to eat more green fruits and vegetables. Check out our list for some ideas to get you started!

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