NEWSLETTER - July 2018

We are in the heart of summer and this month is prime time for blueberry harvesting!

Blueberries are such a universal fruit to where we use them in anything from baking to juicing. Blueberries get their name from their deep blue and purple color. Anthocyanins, meaning dark purple flower, provides the vibrant pigment and vitamins that we all know with blueberries (

Countless studies show the health benefits of blueberries, but one of the most recent interests has been their effect on cognition. A study tested how older adults cognition changes with the consumption of blueberries. From a series of tests, the study concluded a positive correlation between blueberry consumption and cognitive improvement (

The increased levels of vitamin C intake promote an increased release of dopamine, leading to more efficient cognitive processes. Such cognitive improvements suggest lessening symptoms of dementia and memory loss in older adults by the vitamins in blueberries ( Nutritional Neuroscience).


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