National Move More Month!

This April has brought the nation a lot more stress and uncertainty than usual. This time is an important reminder to take care of both our mental and physical well being. Let’s spring into better health by learning more about American Heart Association’s Move More Month! This campaign was created to encourage physical activities, even in the smallest ways.

Moving more does not mean that you have to work in an intense workout everyday. Instead, it suggests doing things that require moving and being active during activities that you would not really expect. Making every move count can add up into being more physically active and better your overall health. For example, vacuuming for 20 minutes everyday is the equivalent of walking 1 mile. Even 10 minutes of stretching equates to walking the length of a football field. Moving more can be small choices and decisions that you can make throughout the day. It can be as simple as taking the stairs, getting off a few stops early on the bus, or even walking to work.

During the past few weeks, I have been staying at home due to COVID-19 pandemic, like much of Iowa and the rest of America. Trying to stay active while not being able to go to the gym was a struggle for me at first, but I have found ways around it. There are so many workouts at home that you can do, even without equipment. High intensity interval training is one of my favorite options because it is so flexible. I usually take 4 to 5 of my favorite exercise moves, do them for 40 seconds, rest for 15 minutes, and then repeat.

Youtube is another great resource for tutorials of workouts to do at home. These are great because you can follow the instructor as you go. You are able to pause at any point and correct your form. These are available at any time to make your own schedule and go at your own pace. Many Youtube channels have online communities that can help keep you motivated for long term success. These resources are some great options during this pandemic.

With increasing health issues in the United States, it is important to keep each of our health and well-being a priority. Use the extra time to do things you love and enjoy, while also remembering to get up and move. Working online tends to make people more sedentary, so remember to take walks and screen time breaks. This April, make your health a priority, move more, and take care of yourself.


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