National Cancer Survivors Day, June 7

In some way or another, every person has been affected by cancer, whether a family member, friend, or even themselves were diagnosed. While diagnoses, journeys, and stories break a lot of hearts, there is hope. June 7th of 2020 is a day to celebrate those who have survived cancer. This day is intended to celebrate those that have battled and conquered this disease. Seeing the celebration of those survivors is also intended to give hope to those who were recently diagnosed and families that might have their doubts.

This national holiday is celebrated every first Sunday of June with events and social media campaigns planned around it. This day has been celebrated for the past 33 years and is put on by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization that accepts donations in order to organize events and promote awareness. Their colors are red, blue and white. Supporters include anyone from any background, whether they were directly affected by cancer or they just want to support the cause. The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation considers any survivors to be someone that has been diagnosed in their lifetime and is currently living, whether they have rid the cancer or not, they are still a survivor.

Some of the issues that this day brings awareness to are the struggles of patients and survivors finding jobs, denial of health insurance, and economic burdens from treatments. Survivors face these economic, physical, and mental barriers everyday and funding helps go to resources to make their lives easier. Information regarding more resources for cancer survivors can be found at

If you are moved by these efforts, consider hosting an event for the National Cancer Survivor Day Foundation. There are a series of steps in order to hold one, starting with registering your event with the foundation. After registering, you would need to get sponsors, pick a location, and choose a theme. The goal of these events are to reach as many people as you can, so writing and addressing letters are encouraged for donations.

If cancer has affected you, whether it be directly or indirectly, consider donating to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. They will direct your generation to amazing causes making survivors’ lives that much easier after all the pain they and their families have been through. Below is the website for more information about the organization and donations.


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