Mindful Meditation

Do you ever feel like you never get a break and your work is never ending? In our modern day world, we tend to constantly work and have a difficult time putting our own health first. This month we celebrate meditation and all of its benefits. By just simply take five to ten minutes out of our day, we can make all the difference in our mental health.

The past few years, social media and new technology has evolved life as we know it. We tend to constantly try and keep up with what other people are doing. Society tends to compare themselves in a way that we have not ever done before. With social media consumes a huge part of our lives, it is so difficult to live in the moment and enjoy our physical presence.

In high school, I learned about mindful meditation from my Physical Education teacher and he would lead us through a thirty minute session every Wednesday. I remember everyone looking forward to this class and that feeling of peace we received for the rest of the day. I continued this throughout my college experience, reminding me everyday that my mental and emotional health comes first. I had difficulty meditating by myself, but I discovered that there are many applications on phones and computers that lead you through it.

The basics to mindful meditation is to find a quiet place where you are most comfortable; whether that's lying down, closing your eyes, listening to non lyrical music, or sitting on a couch. It is essential to focus on taking large, deep breaths without thinking about anything else. Letting this oxygen feed into your brain is what causes your heart rate to decrease and your body to relax.

Meditation is often used as coping tools for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. With the stress that we live throughout our day, whether you struggle with anxiety or not, taking the time out of the day just for yourself is so rejuvenating. Consider setting a goal this month to do meditation right before bed to wind down for the night or when you wake up to start your day right! Five minutes can make all the difference.





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