Latest Medicare Waivers for Telehealth MNT and DSMT During the Covid-19 Emergency

Hello Iowa Academy members!

With the increased attention placed on RDN’s providing telehealth during COVID-19, here is a webinar that you may be interested in. See information provided below.

The Latest Medicare Waivers for Telehealth MNT and DSMT During the Covid-19  Emergency Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives, including our work life. This webinar will review in DETAIL the VERY latest Medicare telehealth waivers for furnishing MNT and DSMT via a telehealth platform during the COVID-19 emergency. CMS has been modifying its original set of waivers (geared to expand telehealth and simplify the billing for) nearly EVERYDAY. This has caused a great deal of confusion among MNT and DSMT providers, to say the least! An example is if and how to use the hospital UB-04 claim form to bill telehealth MNT and DSMT. Mary Ann will continue to  update her PowerPoint™ right up to the time of the webinar, so that it includes the very latest waivers for every aspect of furnishing and billing  telehealth MNT and DSMT. Also, there will be plenty of time to answer the attendees’ questions during and after the 2 hour webinar. During this challenging time, let's all try to 'BE B.E.S.T'...Better, Ever Stronger, Together! Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to: 1. Explain the very latest Medicare COVID-19 waivers for billing telehealth MNT and DSMT, including the rules for using the 1500 professional  and hospital UB-04 claim forms (e.g., correct place of service codes, code  modifiers, revenue codes, etc.) 2. Name some of the specific virtual platforms recommended and not recommended for the delivery of Medicare MNT and DSMT telehealth during the  COVID-19 emergency. 3. Describe the new condition that CMS has approved for furnishing all 10 hours of initial DSMT as individual visits during the COVID-19 emergency. 4. Explain the latest Medicare waiver rules for RDNs and diabetes educators working from home during the COVID-19 emergency. * Live Webinar Date: Apr 15, 2020   (3:00 P - 5:00 P EST) * Course Categories / Learning Need Codes (LNC) for RDNs: 7060, 7080, 7170, 7190 * Performance Indicators/Learning Objectives for RDNs: 11.3.5, 11.3.9, 14.2.6, 14.2.7 * Target Audience: RDNs, DTRs, Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, RNs, Pharmacists, Health Professionals, Billers, Coders, etc. * Number of CE Credits: 2.0 * Learning Level(s): 1, 2 * Total Cost: $36 *  Sponsor: * REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED * Attendees receive speaker’s PPT and Medicare Referral Form (with Covid-19 now listed as special need to furnish all 10 initial telehealth DSMT hours individually * Webinar will be recorded by sponsor; the recording and materials will be available after live event on website There is no conflict of interest in me posting this, as my compensation as the speaker is NOT on a “per attendee” basis. Hope to virtually “see” you on this webinar, and hope you are staying safe, healthy and not too stressed out during this time!


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