July Snacks

Snacks are an important part of you day.

Not only do they fuel your body and brain, they also prevent excessive hunger and over eating at the end of the day. Therefore, it is important that snacks are planned out, taste great, and nutrient dense. I compiled a list of my favorites that are quick and easy. Something they all have in common is they all contain protein and fat to help you feel satisfied longer AND they taste delicious.

Fruit and cheese Kabobs!

It doesn’t have to be this fancy or on a stick!! String cheese and grapes works just the same.

Coffee, Milk, & Frozen Banana Drink

Just add cold coffee, chocolate milk (Fairlife for double the protein)

a frozen banana and blend! Makes a great snack or breakfast on the go.

Frozen Banana Delight

Simply freeze a banana, layer on the peanut butter, and roll in granola, your fav cereal or mini chocolate chips and you have a great treat! Kids love these too.

Apple Salad to Go

Either make it into a sandwich as shown in the picture or core the apple and leave whole and add in a mix of peanut butter, granola and raisins, cranberries or mini chocolate chips. This is also a kid favorite.

Oats with a kick!

Oatmeal is not just for the elderlyJ Add fresh peaches or berries, chia, walnuts, Fairlife milk for extra protein and Stevia for a bit of sweetening. This is a great breakfast or snack. Can also use yogurt instead of milk.

Popcorn Trail Mix 

The base of this snack is popcorn—add in some pretzels, almonds, and a few cranberries.

Remember all foods can fit with balance! Primarily choose foods based on these three criteria:

Taste for your tongue and brain; Nutrients for your health

Body-Food Choice Congruence—how does that particular food make your feel?

(Energetic? Lethargic? Bloated? Satisfied?

It is also important to treat yourself to “playtime” foods which are not nutrient dense but satisfy your sugar and or fat craving like cake, candy, ice cream or nachos. Planning these foods into your diet helps you not over eat on them when you do get them.

If you allow yourself to eat these guilt free, it will take less of the food to satisfy your craving.

For more information on this please refer to: Tribole etal Intuitive Eating 2012 and Tribole et al The Intuitive Eating Workbook 2017.

Blog provided by: Alison St. Germain MS, RD, LD

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