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Infant Formula Shortage: How to Communicate with Clients and Advocate for Change

Please join the Academy and Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group for a complimentary all-member webinar on the infant formula shortage crisis. Learn more about the laws, waivers, and regulations in place that contribute to the current landscape and how advocates, including Academy members, are working to ensure all babies and children have access to a healthy and safe food supply. This webinar is open to all Academy members. Please share with your colleagues. When: Friday, June 10 from noon-1 p.m. (Central Time) Performance Indicators 12.1.1 Advocates for and promotes food and nutrition programs and resources to address issues of food insecurity, nutritional health and overall health and wellness. 12.1.4 Influences legislation, regulation, and policy changes to impact nutrition and well-being in the community. 7.2.4 Identifies and analyzes insecurities in food and water systems. Learning Objectives • Discuss the background of the infant formula shortage and the current policies in place • Explain current advocacy efforts to address the infant formula shortage crisis • Plan for effective communication to patients, clients and colleagues regarding the infant formula shortage


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