How does a Registered Dietitian’s wedding meal stack up for National Nutrition Month?

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), MyPlate is something that is always in the back on my mind, including when I was making plans for my wedding reception! My husband and I recently got married, and while having conversations with our caterer, I kept coming back to the MyPlate graphic and how our meal compared.

What’s so great about MyPlate? Well, one of its strengths is the emphasis placed on fruits and

vegetables – which MyPlate recommends should make up half of our plate at each meal.

Sadly, many Americans don’t get enough servings of produce. It is estimated that only 25% of people in the United States include adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diets (source).

With March being National Nutrition Month® it is a great time for you and your family to be thinking about MyPlate! Next time you are at the dinner table, challenge each person at the table to describe how their plate compares to MyPlate and answer these questions:

  • How many food groups does it include?

  • Do fruits and vegetables make up half the plate?

  • Are there any food groups missing?

  • Are there any changes you would make in the future?

How did my wedding meal stack up?

Note that we did serve milk and there is BBQ pork on the bun!

Blog Provided by Media Spokesperson Rachel Sweeney, MS, RD, LD


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