Happy New YOU!

While you may have received some fun, new holiday gifts like gym shoes, a FitBit, or wireless headphones, hitting the gym hard doesn’t have to be your only New Year Resolution for a healthier you. Heavy breathing, side cramps, and extreme soreness can be challenging symptoms to stay on track, but eating better-for-you foods doesn’t have to be nearly as challenging! Plus, common symptoms often include more energy, better sleep and a stronger immune system. Sign me up for any #healthiereatingchallenge over pounding the treadmill any day!

Not sure where to start?

Here’s 4 Resolutions Actually Worth Making for Two-Thousand GREAT-teen!

Go on a social media “diet”. Juice cleanses don’t work. But removing “toxic” people from your social media does. Unfollow as many people as you can, turn off notifications, or simply limit your time to checking Facebook 1x/day. This way when you do check your feed, it’s because your friends lift you up, inspire you, and are relatable. They are contributing to your better life.

Eat the color GREEN 3x/week. You’ve heard the saying…lean, green machine and what better way to lose weight and be smart about it than by eating more green foods! Plus, your liver LOVES green foods and after all the sweets and drinks consumed this holiday season, it’d probably appreciate some natural detox support.

  • Avocado toast for breakfast

  • Kiwi or green grapes as a sweet treat with lunch

  • Quick-cook zucchini noodles in your stir-fry dinner

Get your labs drawn. Check your cholesterol, HDL, LDL, blood sugar, triglycerides and blood pressure. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or local Hy-Vee dietitian and find out how much damage you did (or didn’t do) over Thanksgiving à New Year.

Avoid “diet foods”. Usually packed with lots of unwanted additives, artificial sweetener, and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, let’s face it, they’re just not filling or satisfying. Consider no longer buying anything labeled “fat-free”, “skinny”, or those ice creams that allow you to eat the entire pint in one sitting! Fearing fat and ignoring portion sizes will only slow your progress towards a healthier you!

Need more inspiration, motivation and clarification on what foods are best for healthier you? Ask an expert! Registered Dietitians are skilled on helping you live a healthy lifestyle that’s right for you. #twothousandGREATteen

Blog Provided By: Erin Good, RD, LD


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