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Are you new to the profession? Want to advance your career? Spread your wings? Maybe you simply want to connect with other RDs in the state! Serving on the Iowa Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Board & Council is a great way to get involved with other RDs who are passionate about nutrition and promote the registered dietitian as the nutrition expert. As a volunteer serving on the Iowa Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Board & Council, you have the opportunity to:

  • Earn CPE hours for leadership.

  • Strengthen professional recognition by peers and employers.

  • Increase your knowledge about dietetics outside of your current practice area.

  • Network with peers.

Think it may be too time consuming? It is not a heavy lift! A virtual Board & Council meeting is held monthly so you can attend from any location. The hours you put in between meetings will depend on the position that you hold and the goals that you have set.

We hope you are interested!

The election will be held in early 2023 and the Nominating Committee is searching for individuals interested in the following positions:

  • President elect

  • Meeting chair elect

  • CPI elect

  • Delegate Elect

  • Nominating Committee Member

If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, contact one of the nominating committee members for details. We will also be holding a coffee hour from 7:00-8:00 am on Friday, November 4 at the Annual Meeting for anyone interested in learning more! Join us for a free cup of coffee and let us answer your questions!

Nominating Committee Ann Parker: Ashley Danielson: Leah Brooke:



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