Fresh Start 2020: Your Help Is Needed By August 31st!

Members of The Iowa Academy, Your new Public Policy Team needs your help! 2020 has been a pivotal year in many aspects. During the split Legislative Session, the licensure requirements of RD/RDNs were almost removed. Our licensure helps consumers identify who is qualified to provide our profession’s scope of practice, including medical nutrition therapy and other nutrition services. Licensure is common and virtually mandatory for healthcare professions and other occupations in which potential harm may result from incompetent or unqualified practice. The members of the Iowa Legislature aren't familiar with what dietitians do. Now is the time that all Iowa dietitians need to work together to tell our clients, our communities, and our legislators a) what we do, b) the value we provide, and c) how we can’t be replaced by the average nutrition/health enthusiast. The next four months, before the 2021 Session begins in January, are crucial! Our mission: have dietitians from all over Iowa agree to 'adopt' to their local Senator and/or Representative. To find yours, go to: 1. The ‘ask’ between now and the 2021 Session:

  • Email the public policy team at letting us know of your willingness to be ‘matched.’

  • Connect with your legislator(s) [No worries, we will help make sure you feel comfortable.]

  • Begin building a relationship to foster knowledge of what we do [more guidance coming soon.]

2. Our goal is to finish the matching process by September 1, 2020. We will use this network of dietitians to communicate with legislators about licensure and any other issues that arise. We want to make sure legislators KNOW their constituents who are dietitians and how we impact the people of Iowa. We realize that engaging with your legislators can be intimidating, so we are here to support you in that process. We will provide you with resources, templates, and ideas of engagement that you can utilize.

On behalf of the entire Public Policy Team, I hope you will join us in our fresh start! We can’t do this without you! Please let us know if you have any questions. ● Lexie Stoneking, Public Policy Coordinator:  ● Tracey Sauke, State Policy Representative: ● Kristy Carr, State Regulatory Specialist:  ● Susie Roberts, Reimbursement Representative: 

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