December is National Pear Month

There are many varieties of pears. I have listed just a few below. Each pear type has a unique taste and texture and will taste even better and cost less if purchased when they are in season. Just like apples, certain pear varieties are better for baking such as the Bosc while some are better paired with wine and cheese, such as the Comice.

Red Bartlett

Aug – Jan Red, soft, juicy, sweet, skin (thick, bitter)


Sept - Feb Pale golden green, soft, juicy, sweet, skin (thick, bitter)


Sept – Feb Long, yellow-green (often confused with Bartlett), crisp, dense


Sept – Mar Small, fat, red & blue hues, sweet in flavor


Sept – April Brown-gold tough skin, crunchy with strong pear flavor

Green Anjou

Sept – May Plump, spherical, soft, sweet, lemony

Red Anjou

Oct – May Red, spicy, soft

Is my pear ripe?

Ripeness can be determined by feeling the neck near the stem. It is perfect to eat when soft but not mushy. You may also go by color. However, depending upon the variety, it can get a bit tricky sometimes.

Nutritional benefits

Not only are pears easily digestible and a great pre-workout snack, they are delicious and provide your body with a good amount of Vitamin C and moderate amount of fiber.

Unique ways to serve pears

Top your salad with a pear

Pair a pear with wine and cheese

Pear and grilled cheese sandwich

Pear crisp (use your fav apple crisp recipe and use pears instead)

Or just grab one and go!

Blog Provided by

Alison St.Germain MS, RD, LD


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