National Nutrition Month - Get involved with the Iowa Academy

A message from the Academy: In an effort to accommodate the diverse areas in which National Nutrition Month® is celebrated and allow greater flexibility in the promotion of healthful messages, National Nutrition Month® will be honored as its own theme in 2019. This will allow the campaign to focus on its original purpose, which is: "To increase the public's awareness of the importance of good nutrition and position Academy members as the authorities in nutrition."  At the Iowa Academy, our focus has been on celebrating the many facets of Iowa Registered Dietitians by focusing on the diversity within the RD profession. Our goal is to continue to promote the RD profession to better educate the public on the multiple roles an RD performs.  Our ask: To better help the Iowa Academy celebrate you we are asking you to get involved with National Nutrition Month by creating a video or sending in answers on "The Life of a Registered Dietitian" to by February 15, 2019. What to do: 

Video:  Create a short, 1 minute video talking about things you do as a part of your career.

  • Please state your name, job title and where you work

  • Aim for 1 minute videos or less

  • Conduct your video at work or the comfort of your home. 

Tips for creating a video:

  1. Write out what you would like to say before you record the video.

  2. Record the video on your phone in the horizontal position. 

  3. Use natural light

  4. Be confident - this is the time for you to shine and for others to learn.

  5. Email the video to


Email 5 "Did you Know" responses about your career to help others learn more about the variety of jobs an RD in Iowa have! 

Example of questions: 

  1. Did you know- I provide biometric screenings and mini consults as a tool to prevent future disease.

  2. Did you know- I help people discover new foods while also meeting their health goals.

  3. Did you know - I create an annual budget for school food service to make sure all children are fed healthy food that is within the price point that the school can afford.

  4. Did you know - I work with vendors to supply products for our varying customers/child allergies/etc. 

  5. Did you know - I partake in collaborative strategic patient care meetings to assure patients receive the best level of care through their MD, RD, PT, OT, etc. 

  6. Did you know - I work with insurance companies on a regular basis to make sure patient are not paying out of pocket for all their medical needs.


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