Food Service Director - Gilbert Schools

Job Posted Date: 08/12/20


Gilbert Schools

103 Mathews Dr Gilbert, Iowa 50105

Full Time



To provide for the operation of the overall food service program for the district in an effective and efficient manner. To exercise general supervision of all related personnel, ensuring all their duties and responsibilities are performed properly.


Protect the confidential nature of information concerning the food service program, participants in the program, and other individuals involved in the program. Plan, organize, direct and administer the food service program for the district, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the district. Orient, develop, motivate and evaluate food service managers, food service staff and assigned support staff; make recommendations in various personnel matters such as hiring, assignment, discipline and termination. Participate as a member of the Administrative Team and contribute ideas and recommendations as to the direction of the district. Prepare and administer the food services department budget. Assist the management negotiating team in bargaining with groups representing food service personnel. Prepare specifications and bid conditions for all items requiring such bids by law or board policy. Prepare and submit application for government commodities for school cafeteria use, and directs its distribution and transfer. Develop and implement food service accounting procedures in cooperation with the business office. Prepare and submit applications for federal and state subsidies. Prepare and distribute all federal forms related to the school lunch, milk, and breakfast program. Initiate and approve the purchase of supplies, equipment, food, and other budgeted items for ongoing operations. Review and evaluate all requests and recommendations for purchase of new and replacement food services equipment. Maintain an inventory of equipment and perform periodic inspections for care, maintenance and replacement. Plan and supervise the preparation and serving of menus at all schools. Inspect school lunch facilities and operations on a regular basis to ensure that standards of diet, cleanliness, health, and safety are being maintained. Assist principals and teachers in the instructional phases of the lunchroom program and in the classroom instructional units of work pertaining to nutrition. Keep patrons and the public informed of the menus and services offered by the school food service programs and of the health and educational benefits gained by children through participation in the school food service program. Develop and implement in service training for food services personnel. Attend board meetings as requested to serve as a resource person to the Superintendent and the Board. Perform other duties as assigned.


Excellent human relations and verbal and written communications skills, including ability to make presentations. Excellent organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills. Proven supervisory skills such as planning, directing, organizing, and coordinating. Demonstrated ability to produce results through previous assignments. Ability to effectively monitor and develop subordinates. Demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to lead. Knowledge of State, Federal and Local statutes and codes governing the operation of school food service programs. Knowledge of nutrition and dietetics. Knowledge of business principles and food service management. Ability to use personal computer and related software applications.


Continuous speaking, hearing, and visual effort. Frequent walking and sitting. Occasional standing, climbing, kneeling, reaching and lifting up to 50 lbs. Close mental and visual attention. Work involves repetitive and varied tasks.


Requires the following (or equivalent qualifications): Experience working in commercial or institutional food service operations Experience with managing personnel Knowledge of budgeting, purchasing, financial reporting and scheduling operations in a food service setting Post secondary education in food service management, home economics, and/or food science; or equivalent qualifications

Please go to this link: to see the state requirements for Food Service Directors.

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