6 Healthy Deli Ham Recipes for Kids

Deli ham recipes are packed with nutrients for your growing kids and pack up nicely, too.

Whether you’re packing meals for school, family outings, vacations or otherwise, deli ham recipes are a healthy and easy solution that will please the big kids, little kids and even adults. Deli ham recipes pair with many tasty sides and flavors, and are easily adaptable for even the pickiest of eaters.

Deli ham recipes are a nutrient-packed source of protein. A two-ounce serving of deli ham provides 10 grams of protein, one to two grams of fat, 60 calories and beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamins B12 and B6, potassium and zinc. These nutrients help growing bodies get the good sleep they need, keep growing minds healthy and active, and convert foods to valuable energy.

“Deli ham is a wholesome choice for perking up sandwiches,” says registered dietitian Pat Baird. “It’s a lean, complete protein that’s packed with vitamins and minerals, and has flavor that combines well with any sandwich topping.”


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